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The respect of nature, the most accurate scientific method, the constant people work. The successful products and the pleasure of those who use and recommend them. The awareness and the joy of thinking about the well-being of the environment.

Valpharma Group

Together for the health and the wellbeing of people all over the world

A group: three realities

Valpharma Group was born from the synergic combination between Erba Vita Group SpA, Valpharma International SpA and Valpharma SpA, and it takes care of the health and well-being of people all over the world, proposing innovative formulations, as the result of research and development in its own laboratories.

Each product is internally carried out utilizing advanced technologies, granting quality and security through careful checks.

Innovation and technology

The three companies of Valpharma Group share the application of the scientific method to all types of production for processes systemization. Carrying out a series of synergic and connected activities allows us to develop a complete work process, to guarantee high-quality products and work environments.

Enter in Erba Vita natural world

From Nature, We shape health.

Our history

Erba Vita Group is specialized in food supplements, medical devices, and plant-based cosmetics manufacturing, sold in pharmacies, para-pharmacies, and herbalist shops all around Italy and distributed in more than 30 countries all over the world.

In 2017 Erba Vita Group entered Valpharma Group allowing a useful synergy between the companies. Erba Vita’s phytotherapeutic experience has been merged with the technology innovation and the expertise in the pharmaceutical design of both Valpharma San Marino and Valpharma International, producing a new line of modified release nutraceuticals and personal safety devices.

Research and development

An internal R&D team studies and develops product formulations, also with the collaboration of the most important Italian university experts.

The maximum care is paid to raw materials. The best plant extracts and nutritional factors are researched, selected, and processed and are standardized through a strictly checked scientific process in order not to alter their original characteristics. Finally, the products are approved by prestigious certifiers entities, to guarantee maximum protection to the final consumer.

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    EV per i professionisti

    Il nostro lavoro quotidiano non è solo realizzare i prodotti, ma consigliare e condividere informazioni ed esperienze con i professionisti della salute che ogni giorno ascoltano le esigenze dei consumatori.


    Scopri gli approfondimenti scientifici utili per un trattamento integrato e una sempre migliore attività di consiglio al paziente.


    Dalla Natura fino in erboristeria, tutte le soluzioni e i materiali per aiutare il consumatore a ritrovare il suo benessere.


    Scopri tutte le informazioni e i materiali tecnici sui prodotti Erba Vita, una soluzione combinata di naturalezza e design farmaceutico.